Team Members: Amos & Linda, Benjamin, Kaitlynn, Joshua, Ethan, Ellisa, Alyna,  Isaiah, Sophia.

Brother Amos walked a journey in his teens of much rebellion against his parents and the law, bound with addictions of alcohol and drugs.

January of 1997 God lead Amos to repentance, and found redemption and forgivness through the blood of Jesus Christ and was transformed from old sinful to New Creation in Christ.

The closest to Amos & Linda and family heart is to live and serve the Lord Jesus Christ and use the gitfs and talents that God entrusted to them to advance His Kingdom which has no end.

In 2002 Amos & Linda with their family heed to the call of God 2 Timothy 4:5 to go forth and do the work of the Evangelist to wherever God leads them. Then in 2003 God open the Prison doors in Pennsylvania to SHARE HOPE of the GOSPEL unto the least these in prison. Amos Stoltzfus serves as the Executive Director in the office and gives oversite to the prison crusades, discipleship ministry and oversees the team schedules. Amos, Linda and family are also the Evangelistic Road Team for Light of Hope Evangelistic Ministry to SHARE the GOSPEL in Song, Testimony and the Preaching of God's word in prison and churches throughout the United States and Cananda.


Team Members: Amos Stoltzfus, James Miller, Leon Miller, Benjamin Stoltzfus.

Light of Hope Evangelistic Ministry is very grateful for each one of these Brothers in Christ who continuously  share their God given gift and talent for the cause of Christ.

Light of Hope Trio primary focused is to SHARE HOPE through song and music unto the least of these in prisons and churches throughout Pennsylvania.